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Clarity Wealth Management: Defining and defined by wealth advocacy

When we founded Clarity Wealth Management, we had a big idea. We would show people how to connect their wealth with their most heartfelt values, relationships and interests. Easily said, but many people were having trouble finding anyone to help them make it easily done. We built our firm to bridge that critical gap. 

We’re here for our clients, period

We’ve deliberately structured our compensation and business models to that end. This becomes a vital distinction in the financial industry, in which traditional “advice” is so often conflicted and opaque. In contrast, we have established a fee-only pricing model, with all costs transparent and open. As a Registered Investment Advisor firm, we are legally obligated to serve you in a fiduciary relationship, which means we must always advise and advocate strictly in your best financial interest. 

We offer breathing room for your financial goals

We blend our breadth and depth of discrete services – wealth and investment management – with several finer qualities that are harder to categorize. Personal touches that result in a relaxed, easy-going atmosphere. The goal is to give you a comfortable space, specialized resources, and ample room to learn and grow, to become an informed and confident investor of your personal wealth. 

Gina Chironis CPA/PFS

Chief Executive Officer


Tyler Ondatje

Financial Advisor


Christi Weinhuff

Operations Director